Modules Documentation

A module is a json file, this json file contains the code (Javascript) and instructions for KETSU to get and display data from the website the module was made for.

Modules are developed in javascript, the idea of how a module works is very simple.

- The module contains the request for the website you want to scrape the data.

- The request gets executed and your code gets injected in the website html.

- Your code gets de data from the website and formats it so KETSU can read it.

- KETSU reads this data and displays it to the user.

Module Creator

In order to develop modules we made a website specifically designed to develop modules.

This website, the module creator is basically an IDE specifically designed to create modules.

- It contains interactive tutorials and documentation so you can learn to create modules in real time as you follow the tutorials.

- It connects to your KETSU app so you can execute your code in real time and get instant feedback about your code.

- It is open source and public for everyone!

- And a lot more...

In conclusion, this website is an environment prepared for you to create, fix and learn about modules.

Open Module Creator